We are surrounded by porous solids. Since porous solids through which fluids can seep or flow are ubiquitous, they are of interest to a wide range of fields: food engineering, geosciences, civil engineering, building physics, petroleum geophysics, chemical industry, biomechanics and so on. Even though materials and fields are very diverse, all porous solids for all applications have one thing in common: they are subject to the same coupled processes such as freezing and swelling, drying and shrinkage, diffusion of liquids and creep, osmosis and expansion. Such coupled processes occur at the interface between physical chemistry and mechanics.

Since environmental engineering, petroleum geophysics, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, biomechanics, food industry and so on, involve processes that pertain to both physical chemistry and solid mechanics, experts in each of those two fields interact regularly. However, the interface between those two fields is not often explored. This symposium aims at gathering scientists and industrials that either develop or utilize the concepts of the mechanics and physics of porous solids as envisioned by the late Pr. Coussy.

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