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Workshop on flocculated suspensions - Champs sur Marne, 28-29 June 2012

Flocculated suspensions :
from microstructure to macroscopic behavior

A workshop organised by
The Lafarge-École des Ponts ParisTech Chair
“Materials Science for Sustainable Construction”

2012, June 28-29
Ecole des Ponts-ParisTech (Champs sur Marne)

The final program is now available

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Colloidal suspensions such as cementitious suspensions, sewage, muds, paints, ... are yield-stress fluids which display a time-dependent behavior. Their peculiar behavior comes from the ability of the particles to flocculate at rest and under shear. The flocculated particles can also be redispersed, at least partly, by shearing or by agitation. Knowledge of the structure of flocculated materials and of the physical processes which govern this structure is necessary for understanding their flow behavior. Such knowledge is also a key for developing models and for industrial applications.


The aim of the workshop is to present recent advances in the field of flocculated suspensions obtained with complementary advanced tools (direct visualization of 2D-model systems ; confocal microscopy ; neutron scattering ; microrheology ; numerical simulation ; homogenization approaches...). Studying the mechanical behavior of individual flocs and measuring the structural properties of sheared flocculated suspensions are indeed key elements that should be used to validate numerical approaches and to predict their rheological behavior in micromechanical approaches.
Applications and open questions in the field of fresh cementitious materials, for which admixtures, mixing process and shearing history among others influence the flocculation level and thus the material workability, will also be presented.
The workshop offers the opportunity to bring researchers and engineers together so as to combine the skills of both fundamental research and technical matters solving.

The workshop will consist in 12 invited talks given by :


Attendance is free.
However, the number of participants is limited.
Please send an e-mail to flocculation to register.

Organizing committee

  • Paul Acker (Lafarge Centre de Recherche)
  • Xavier Chateau (Navier)
  • Guillaume Ovarlez (Navier)
  • Fabrice Toussaint (Lafarge Centre de Recherche)

Location and access

The workshop will take place on June 28-29 (Thursday and Friday) at The Ecole des Ponts-ParisTech, in Champs sur Marne, 20 min from Paris.