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Workshop on ’Strains induced by phase changes in deformable porous solids’

Strains induced by phase changes in deformable porous solids :
What about building materials ?

A workshop organized by
The Chair “Materials Science for Sustainable Construction”
supported by Lafarge

July 8-9, 2013
Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (Champs-sur-Marne)

Schedule : from 9am on July 8 to 1pm on July 9. The program is available here :

PDF - 23.9 ko

Scope and Objectives
What about building materials ? Building materials in general and cementitious materials in particular are subject to various in-pore processes (precipitation, drying,...), that can lead to their macroscopic deformation, damage, or even failure. Because of their complexity (very wide pore size distribution, chemically reactive matrix, subject to coupled phenomena,...), these materials stand out within porous media. However, the physical concepts that enable to explain how phase changes lead to deformation must obviously remain the same for all porous media. Therefore, we hope this workshop will foster interesting discussions stemming from various points of view on common complex phenomena.

We aim at bridging two communities : experts of the physical processes through which confined phase transitions can lead to macroscopic deformations of a porous medium and experts of the materials (building materials in general and cementitious materials in particular). The workshop will focus on strains induced by in-pore crystallization or evaporation/condensation.

The workshop will consist in invited talks given by :

  • Alex NEIMARK (Rutgers University) : "Interplay of capillary and disjoining pressures during condensation-evaporation cycles in mesoporous solids"
  • Andrea HAMILTON (University of Strathclyde) : "Salt crystallisation in pores : Measuring pore level strain"
  • Brice LECAMPION (Schlumberger) : "Crystallization preferred orientation induced by mechanical stresses"
  • Eric LEMARCHAND (Laboratoire Navier) : "Micromechanics approach for coupled phenomena in porous media"
  • Gilles CHANVILLARD (Lafarge Centre de Recherche) : "Strains and cementitious materials : specificity and complexity"
  • George SCHERER (Princeton University) : "Stress and Shrinkage during Drying"
  • Jörg WEISSMÜLLER (TUHH) : "Capillarity of solids and its impact on porous material deformation"
  • Karen SCRIVENER (EPFL) : "Ettringite and expansion in cementitious materials"
  • Laurent BROCHARD (Laboratoire Navier) : "Coupling between adsorption and surface strain, and impact on surface stress"
  • Lionel MERCURY (Université d’Orléans) : "Thermodynamics of interface curvature : phase transitions and geomechanics in water occluded in pores"
  • Pietro LURA (EMPA) : "Moisture dependence of thermal expansion in cement-based materials"
  • Robert FLATT (ETH Zürich) : "Additional steps toward quantifying crystallization pressure"
  • Teddy FEN-CHONG (Laboratoire Navier) : "Poroelastic effect of in-pore crystallization in cohesive materials"

Location and access

The workshop will take place at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, in Champs-sur-Marne, 20 min from Paris.

Organizing committee


Attendance is free. Registration includes free lunch on July 8 and coffee breaks.
Registration is now closed, but, if you still want to register, send an email to : matthieu.vandamme at