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Natural hazards

This domain includes research on the behavior of soils submitted to loadings induced by earthquakes, climate variations, waves, etc., with the aim of studying related phenomena (soil liquefaction, instabilities, swell, collapse, …) and evaluating the potential related damages.

Behavior of sands under earthquake loading

(J. Canou, J.C. Dupla)

This research aims at identifying the “dynamic” properties of reference sands on both elementary tests (triaxial, resonant column) and physical models (calibration chamber and centrifuge tests) (Ph.D. of I. Andria-Ntoanina, 2011, in collaboration with the department GERS of IFSTTAR). The liquefaction potential under earthquake of a reference experimental site at Guadeloupe (ANR project Belle-Plaine, 2007 – 2010) has also been studied based on both laboratory testing (cyclic triaxial) and in situ testing (cyclic pressuremeter).

Liquefaction properties of nickel ores

(J. Canou, J.C. Dupla)

This study, carried out within the framework of a collaborative research project (RHEOLAT) is devoted to the evaluation of the liquefaction properties of nickel ores as a function of their moisture content, with application to the risk of ore flow during shipping and possible tanker wreck..

Climate effects on soils

(Y.J. Cui, A.M. Tang)

Drought can cause significant damage to shallow foundations by soil differential settlement. Within several research projects such as ANR ARGIC, R2DS and “Aléas & Risques sécheresse” funded by MAIF Foundation, the soil/atmosphere interaction has been studied by both experimental (PhD A.N. Ta, 2009; PhD W.K. Song, 2013) and numerical approaches (PhD S. Hemmati, 2009). Recently, this topic has been extended to soils treated by hydraulic binders in the ANR project Terdouest (PhD J.C. Dong, 2013) and in the PhD of T.D. Tran (PhD of Mines ParisTech, 2013). Furthermore, the effects of freeze/thaw cycles on hydraulic binders treated soils have also been investigated in the PhD of T.T.H Nguyen in collaboration with Lhoist R&D.

Behaviour of faults

(A. Corfdir, J. Sulem)

The first research topic concerns the elaboration of friction laws for fault materials (PhD Y. Messen, 2010, in collaboration with Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg) using simple annular shear tests (ACSA). The second one studies the mechanisms of nucleation of deep earthquake by focusing on the effect of THCM couplings (in collaboration with ENS).