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Physics of porous media

The liquid phase contained in the solid pores of materials plays a fundamental role in many civil engineering or environmental problems. It insures the transport of substances or the exchanges between solid phases, allows chemical reactions, and by its phase changes (crystallization, evaporation) induces significant mechanical stresses. The physics of "simple" porous media - a pure liquid phase in a simple porous solid - is now relatively well known. This is not the case for the porous materials in civil engineering or environment, which are generally multi-component, multi-phase and multi-scales. To characterize, understand and model these complex media we develop innovating measurement techniques (in particular Nuclear magnetic resonance (RMN), Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)), new experimental approaches based on the study of model materials in order to understand transport mechanisms, and new modelling tools allowing to take into account the couplings between physical, chemical and mechanical phenomena. These skills and methods are federated to approach diverse applications within the framework of collaborations with some other teams of Navier (mainly Geotechnics and Rhéophysics), universities (ENTPE, EPFL, ESPCI, Univ. Tsinghua, Univ. Harvard, other research institutions (IFSTTAR, CSTB, IFP, CETE Lyon, BRGM, INRA) or industrial companies (Saint-Gobain, Lhoist, OXAND, Schlumberger, Kerneos):

  • Reparation of a surface degraded by concrete;
  • Enhanced oil recovery with viscoelastic fluids;
  • Injection of non-Newtonian fluids in porous media;
  • Soil or building material drying;
  • Water retention in mortars;
  • Atmospheric carbonation of cementitious materials;
  • Water treatment by flocculation;
  • Biogenic acid attack of concrete conduits;
  • Durability of concretes subjected to freeze-thaw cycles in the presence of salts;
  • CO2 storage and various related effects: evolution of soils and rocks, penetration in cementitious materials, coal swelling.


Researchers  : A. Azouni, P. Coussot, P. Dangla, P. Faure, T. Fen-Chong, S. Rodts
Engineer  : F. Bertrand
PhD students  : J. Avendano, A. Blanc, S. Bouteille, J. Boujlel, B. Wang, T. Chevalier, E. Keita, C. Marlière, F. Mattei, A. Morandeau, S. Nikoosokhan, F. Osselin, Jiyun Shen, Rong Wei Yang, Haifeng Yuan, Qiang Zeng