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Surname Name Phone Email Office Function
SULEM Jean 35.45 email B114 Head
CANOU Jean 35.46 email B116 Researcher
CORFDIR Alain 35.21 email B113 Researcher
CUI Yu-Jun 35.50 email B112 Researcher
DANGLA Patrick 36.00 email B119 Researcher
DELAGE Pierre 35.42 email B115 Researcher
DUPLA Jean-Claude 35.53 email B014 Researcher
FRANK Roger 35.41 email B110 Researcher
GHABEZLOO Siavash 37.85 email B118 Researcher
PEREIRA Jean-Michel 35.48 email B110 Researcher
POUYA Ahmad 35.66 email B108 Researcher
STEFANOU Ioannis 33.73 email V119 Researcher
TANG Anh-Minh 35.63 email B016 Researcher

PhD students

Surname Name Phone Email Office Function
ABDALLAH Youssouf 35.31 email B107 PhD-Student
ALAVOINE Axelle 34.56 email B120b PhD-Student
BAHAFID Sara 35.31 email B120b PhD-Student
BRAUN Philipp 33.94 email B120b PhD-Student
COLLINS-CRAFT Nicholas email B120a PhD-Student
DARDE Benjamin 35.56 email B111 PhD-Student
DE LA FUENTE Manuel email B107 PhD-Student
HABIB Hubert 33.94 email B120b PhD-Student
[JRADI] Layal 35.31 email B120a PhD-Student
KERNER Laura email V111 PhD-Student
LE Vinh Hoang Tan email P017 PhD-Student
LE Thi Xiu 35.56 email B107 PhD-Student
LOPES Alexandre 35.38 email B107 PhD-Student
LOVERA Anaïs 35.38 email B107 PhD-Student
MELOT Geoffroy email PhD-Student
MOLINERO GUERRA Agustin 35.56 email B111 PhD-Student
NGUYEN Van-Tri 35.35 email B120a PhD-Student
OURAGA Zady email IFPEN PhD-Student
RATTEZ Hadrien 34.56 email B120b PhD-Student
SAMUDIO Marcos 35.49 email B120a PhD-Student
TRIVELLATO Edoardo 35.56 email B111 PhD-Student
TROUPEL Hugo 34.56 email B120b PhD-Student
VO Thi-Dong email B111 PhD-Student


Surname Name Phone Email Office Function
BELMOKHTAR Malik 35.39 email B111 Post-Doc
EL ANDALOUSSI Radja 35.31 email B104 Post-Doc
FEIA Sadok 35.31 email B104 Post-Doc
MUHAMMED Rawaz-Dawalar 37.97 email B111b Post-Doc
ZHANG Feng email Post-Doc

All phone numbers start with +33 1 64 15 xx xx (the last four numbers are given in the table above)