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JOLIBOIS Alexandre

PhD student
Alexandre JOLIBOIS
+33 7 86 38 65 21
V 111


Degrees and titles

  • 2010 State engineer, department of sustainable development (Corps of Roads and Bridges, now corps of Bridges, Waters and Forests)
  • 2009 Engineer degree of the Ecole Polytechnique


  • Since 2010 PhD student at East-Paris university and since 2009 at the Graduate Program in Acoustics at the Pennsylvania State University
    • "Gradient-based optimization methods for noise barriers"
  • 2010 Engineer degree of the Ecole des Ponts PaisTech
    • Civil engineering department - Structures design
    • Intermediate research project : "Numerical study of a discrete model for the pedestrian-structure interaction" (with S. Erlicher, UR Navier)
    • Senior Project : "Study of the impedance distribution on noise barriers" (Penn State, Graduate Program in Acoustics - State College, PA, USA)
  • 2008 Engineer degree of the Ecole Polytechnique
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Research internship : "Optimization of acoustical reflectors in concert halls" (Kahle Acoustics - Brussels)


  • Avril 2010 Acoustical Society of America meeting in Baltimore, MD
    • "Optimization of impedance distribution on semi-cylindrical noise barriers"

Research interests

  • Noise barriers optimization
  • Integral equations and boundary element method


  • 2009-2010 Teaching Assistant for ACS 505 "Experimental techniques in acoustics" with S. Garrett (Graduate Program in Acoustics - Penn State)



  • Student member of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) since 2009
  • Student member of the Société Française d’Acoustique (SFA, French Acoustics Society) since 2011


  • English : fluent
  • German : basic
  • Chinese : basic

Scientific computation softwares

  • Finite elements and structures : Freefem++, Robot
  • Boundary element method : MICADO, VA-One
  • Numerical computation : Matlab, Mathematica

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