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Prefixes for phone numbers given below is +33 (0)1 64 15 xx xx (for the numbers starting with 3) or +33 (0)1 81 66 8X XX (for all the others).

Name Surname Phone Email Room Team
ADELISE Délhia 84.60 email K025 P
AGOFAK Nicolaine email G
AKKAOUI Abdessamad email V011 S
ALAOUI  Amina  37.30  email V116  S
ALLANI  Anissa  37.01  email V121  D
ARGOUL  Pierre  37.24  email V120  D
ATMANI  Rachida  35.44  email B110  G
AZOUNI Aza 84.45 email K218 P
BAVEREL  Olivier  37.32  email V116  S
BERNARD  Christophe  37.29  email P4S107  S
BERTRAND François 84.71 email K212 P
BLANC Adrien 84.81 email K222 P
BLEYER Jeremy 36.59 email P009 M
BOHN Cécilia email G
BORNERT  Michel  37.90  email V015  M
BOULAY  Xavier  37.70  email B018  G
BOUTEILLE Sébastien 84.59 email P
BRIERE Raphael 37.21 email V111bis S
BRISARD Sébastien email M
BRUCHON  Jean-François  35.56  email B107  G M
BUI  Nam Nghia  37.27  email V011  M
CANOU  Jean  35.46  email B116  G
CARON  Jean-François  37.23  email V008  S
CARÉ Sabine 37.89 email V020 S
CHABOT  Baptiste  33.75  email B018  G
CHAFI  Haysam  37.10  email V112  S
CHATEAU  Camille 36.62 email V017 M
CHATEAU Xavier 84.69 email K211 R
CHAU  Truong Linh  35.40  email B120  G
CHERER  Nathalie  37.16 ou 84.77 email V122  C
CHEVALIER Thibaud 84.54 email K226 P R
CHEVOIR François 84.78 email K127 R
CHIVOT Guillaume 84.76 email K209 R
CINTRA  Daniel  37.08  email  P4S108  S
CLAIN Xavier email G
CLERMONT Ariel 84.47 email K224 P
COQUERET  Sandrine 84.29 email  
CORFDIR  Alain  35.21  email B113  G
COURRIER  Christophe 84.66  email K201 P R
COURTIER-MURIAS  Denis 84.76  email K223  P
COUSSOT Philippe 85.44 email K214 P
CUI  Yu-Jun  35.50  email B112  G
CUMUNEL  Gwendal  37.80  email V018  D
DANGLA Patrick 84.44 email K220 P
DAO Linh Quyen email G
DE BUHAN  Patrick  36.55  email P015  M
DE LAURE  Emmanuel  35.47  email B017  G
DELAGE  Pierre  35.42  email B114  G
DELMI  Hocine  37.77  email B018  G
DHEMAIED  Amine  35.31  email B111  G
DIAS Eric 53.53 email K012 P
DIB Dayana email V011 M
DONG  Ju-Cai  35.38  email B107  G
DORMIEUX  Luc  36.60  email P014  M
DEBOEUF Stéphanie 84.54 email K226 R
DUCLOUÉ Lucie 84.76 email K209 R
DUHAMEL  Denis  37.28  email V117  D
DUONG Trong Vinh email G
DU PELOUX Lionel 37.91 email V011bis S
DUPLA  Jean-Claude  35.53  email B014  G
DURAFFOURG Simon email D
EHRLACHER  Alain  37.20  email V207  S
EL ASSAMI Yassine 37.52 email P017
ESNAULT Vivien email G M
ESPINOZA  Nicolas  37.27  email V011  M G
FALL Abdoulaye 84.84 email K223 R
FAURE Paméla 84.62 email K207 P
FAYOL  Armelle  35.43  email B110  G
FEN-CHONG Teddy 84.45 email K218 P
FERAILLE  Adelaïde  37.38  email V122  S
FORET  Gilles  37.13  email V010  S
FRANK  Roger  35.41  email B117  G
GARNIER  Denis  36.61  email P021  M
GAYE ababacar email M
GHABEZLOO  Siavash  37.85  email B013  G
GODIO Michele 37.36 email V114 S
GOMES  Fernanda  37 46  email V020  S
GOYON Julie 84.80 email K215 R
HAFFNER Benjamin 84.43 email K225 R
HASSEN  Ghazi  37.22  email P021  M
HAUTEMAYOU David 84.74 email K204 R
HE Zheng email G M
HERFRAY Grégory 37.21 email V111bis S
HOANG Tien 37.10 email V112 S D
HONG  Peng-Yung  35.89  email B107  G
KABALAN Bachar 37.35 email V113 D
KASPI  Marie-Françoise  37.37  email V011  S
KEITA Emmanuel 84.54 email K226 P
KHAMSEH Saeed 84.09 email K221 R
KHIDAS Yacine 84.87 email K122 R
LABORIE Benoit 84.43 email K225 R
LAVERGNE Francis 37.36 email V114 M
LE DANG  Huy  37.36  email V114  S
LE FLOCH Yves 84.55 email K123 P
LE PENSE  Solenn  35.89  email B107  G
LE ROY  Robert  37.09  email V112  S
LEBEE  Arthur 37.21  email V123 S
LEGOLL  Frédéric  37.81  email V014  M
LEMAIRE Marine 37.78 email B018 G
LEMAITRE Anaël 84.52 email K124 R
LEMARCHAND Eric 36.58 email K221 M
LENOIR  Nicolas  35.51  email B018  M
LERPINIERE Achille 37.35 email V113 S
LE  Thi thu ha  37.34  email V111  D
LE  Van Cuong  35.89  email B107  G
LIU  Yan  37.01  email V121  D
LORENCEAU Elise 84.65 email K202 R
LY  Quoc-Hung  email V020  S
MANZANAL Diego email G
MARLIERE Claire 84.26 email K210 P R
MEGE Romain 39.81 email P306 S
MENACEUR Hamza email G
MEZIERE Cédric 27.08 email P
MOHAJERANI  Seyede Mehrdockht  35.39  email B119  G
MORANDEAU Antoine 84.81 email K222 P
MOREAU  Gilles  37.07  email P4S108  S
MOUCHERONT Pascal 65.51 email K016 P
NAJM Desiree 37.35 email V113 D
NGO  Quand Thien  37.06  email V124  S
NGUYEN Dac Loi email P020 M
NGUYEN Thi-Thuy-Linh 84.76 email K209 R
NGUYEN Thi Thanh Hang email R
NGUYEN  Van Tuan email M
NGUYEN  Viet Tuan email M
OSSELIN Florian 84.81 email K222 P
OVARLEZ Guillaume 84.73 email K206 R
PATRAULT  Daniel  37.34  email V111  S
PEIGNEY Michael 37.46 email V017 S
PEREIRA  Jean-Michel  35.48  email B015  G
PIROIRD Keyvan 51.14 email K203 R
PITOIS Olivier 84.51 email K219 R
POINT  Nelly  37.40  email V123  D
POUYA  Ahmad  35.65  email B108  G
RODTS Stéphane 84.57 email K208 P
ROUX Jean-Noël 84.79 email K213 R
ROUYER Florence 84.68 email K128 R
SABA  Simona  35.38  email B107  G
SAB  Karam  37.49  email P022  C
SADOK Feia email G
SANCHEZ Carmen 84.63 email K130 P
SAYED AHMAD  FIRAS  37.01  email V121  S
SHEN Jiyun 84.84 email K223 P
SONG Wei Kang email G
STEFANOU  Ioannis  33.73 email V123  S
SUHETT-HELMER Gisèle email G
SULEM  Jean  35.45  email B115  G
TAMAINT  Alain  37.76  email V016  S
TANG  Anh-Minh 35.63 email B016 G
TAYEB Fréderic 37.03  email V125  S
TOCQUER Laurent 84.59 email K217 R
TRAN Manh Huy email G
TRAN  Duy Thuong email G
VALLIN  Valérie  35.56  email B107  G
VANDAMME  MATTHIEU  37.04  email V013  M
VIET Tran-bao email M
VIGO - SAUL  Brigitte  37.14  email V115 S
VUE  Geraldine  38.47  email V019  S
VU  Trong dai  37.03  email V125  D
WANG Bin 37.34 email V111 D
WANG Linlin email P009 M
WONE Michel 84.09 email K221 R
YANG Rong Wei 84.43 email K225 P
YAVARI Neda email G
YIGZAW  Zemenu  35.31  email    G
YIN  Honoré 37.25  email V118  D
ZENG Qiang 84.68 email K128 P
ZHANG Jiru WHUT email B104 M

Research teams :

  • Dynamics (D)
  • Geotechnics (G)
  • Porous Media (P)
  • Multi-scale (M)
  • Architectured Materials and Structures (S)
  • Rheophysics (R)