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CARE Sabine

Researcher IFSTTAR

Tel : (+33) 1 64 15 37 89
Fax : (+33) 1 64 15 37 41

email :[AT]

Site ENPC, Bureau : V020


2011 - : Laboratoire Navier, Member of the “Architected Materials and Structures” Research Group
2003 – 2011 : LMSGC then Laboratoire Navier, Member of the “Physics and Mechanics of Porous Media” Research Group
2001-2003 : LMT, ENS Cachan
1996-2001 : Division BCC / LCPC


2007 - Habilitation for the direction of researches, Université Paris 6 : Micromechanical approach to the durability of reinforced concrete structures
1995 - Ph.D thesis, Ecole Polytechnique, LMS : Plastic flow and damage of a- zirconium polycrystal subjected to tensile tests.


I - Wood-based materials or structures :
Analysis of their durability under variable hygrometric conditions, Hygro mechanical behavior of wood

II - Reinforced concrete structures :
(1) Characterisation of the microstructure of cementitious materials. Characterization of the water content and the pore size distribution in cementitious materials by NMR methods (imaging and relaxation time)
(2) Transport properties : chloride diffusion or migration tests, relationships with microstructure features
(3) Corrosion in reinforced concrete : study of concrete cracking (inception and kinetic) using accelerated tests.

III - Household Water Filters :
filtration properties, designing in the case of metallic iron particles


Civil engineering materials (graduate), Corrosion in reinforced concrete


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