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Office n° B116
Tél : (+33) 1 64 15 35 46
Fax : (+33) 1 64 15 35 62


  • June 1982 : Civil engineering degree (ENTPE, Lyon)
  • December 1984 : Master’s of Science, Louisiana State University (LSU), Baton Rouge, USA
  • June 1989 : Ph.D., Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussées (ENPC), specialty in Geotechnics

Present position

  • Researcher in the "Géotechnique" team (CERMES) of laboratory Navier (Ecole des ponts ParisTech / IFSTTAR / CNRS)
  • Teaching activities at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and university of Marne-la-Vallée


  • Member of french committee of soil mechanics (CFMS)
  • Member of french association of earthquakeengineering (AFPS)

Research topics and domains of application

  • Rheology of soils and granular materials (monotonic and cyclic behaviours, fatigue aspects)
    soil liquefaction, coarse-grained, heterogeneous, compacted, treated soils, model soils, ballast...
  • Deep foundations
    piles, micropiles, vibrodriving, cyclic loads, fatigue
  • Soil reinforcement by vertical inclusions
    Rigid inclusions, ballasted columns, soil mixed columns
  • Flow and transport through soils
    injection of cement grout, nanosilica suspensions, non newtonian fluids, low concentration suspensions, filtration, clogging, internal erosion
  • In situ testing and hydromecanical properties of soils
    penetrometer (CPT), piezocone (CPTU), cyclic pressuremeter
  • Domains of application
    earthquake engineering, stability of geotechnical and hydraulic structures, soil improvement, railways geotechnics, petroleum geomechanics

Research activities

  • Advisor or co-advisor of Ph.D. students (33 Ph.D. students on the period 1990-2013, among which 5 on-going Ph.D.), post-docts, trainees (PFE, Master, others)
  • Institutional research projects (national, european projects, ANR, FUI)
  • Industrial research (FNTP, SNCF, Vinci, Eiffage, Solétanche-Bachy, CNRT, Eramet...)
  • International cooperations (bilateral projects (Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, co-tutoring of Ph.D. students)

Teaching activities

  • Advanced geotechnics I (foundations and retaining structures), 2nd year ENPC
  • Advanced geotechnics II (EXPGE), 2nd year ENPC
  • Soil and rock mechanics, 2nd year ENPC (supply teacher)
  • Geological, geotechnical and geophysical survey (RGGG), Master M2 "Mechanics of soils, rocks and civil engineering structures in their environment" (MSROE)
  • Earthquake engineering, Master M2 "Mechanics of soils, rocks and civil engineering structures in their environment" (MSROE)
  • Basics of soil mechanics, European Civil Engineering Master (GCE), ENPC
  • Experimental approaches and techniques in civil engineering, doctoral school SIE, Paris-Est university
  • Soil mechanics I (basics), 3rd year of Urban engineering licence, university of Marne-la-Vallée
  • Soil mechanics II (applications), 3rd year of Urban engineering licence, university of Marne-la-Vallée

Some representative publications

1- Bekki H., Canou J., Tali B., Dupla J.-C., Bouafia A., 2013. Evolution of local friction along a model pile shaft in a calibration chamber for a large number of loading cycles. Comptes-Rendus Mécanique, vol.341 (6), 499-507.
2 - Chevalier T., Chevalier C., Clain X., Dupla J.-C., Canou J., Rodts S., Coussot P., 2013. Darcy’s law for yield stress fluid flowing through a porous medium. J. of Non Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, vol.195, 57-66.
3 - Frikha W., Bouassida M., Canou J., 2013. Observed behaviour of laterally expanded stone columns in soft soil. Geotech. And Geolog. Eng. J., vol.31, n°2, pp.739-752, avril 2013.
4 - Le Kouby A., Dupla J.-C., Canou J., Francis R., 2013. Pile response in sand : experimental development and study. Int. J. of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics, vol. 13 (4), 122-137.
5 - Boussetta S., Bouassida M., Dinh A.Q., Canou J., Dupla J.-C., 2012. Physical modelling of load transfer in reinforced soil by rigid inclusions. Int. J. of Geot. Eng., vol.6, pp.331-341.
6 - Puech A., Canou J., Bernardini C., Pecker A., Jardine R., Holeyman A., 2012. SOLCYP : a four-year joint industry project on the behaviour of piles under cyclic loading. Proc. 7th Int. Conf. on Offshore Site Investigations and Geotechnics (OSIG-2012), London, Sept. 2012.
7 - Trinh V.N., Tang A.M., Cui Y.J., Dupla J.-C., Canou J., Calon N., Lambert L., Robinet A., Schoen O., 2012. Mechanical characterization of the fouled ballast in ancient railway track substructure by large-scale triaxial tests. Soils and Foundations, vol.52, n°3, pp.511-523.
8 - Truong Q.Q., Canou J., Dupla J.-C., Chevalier C., Chopin M., Fry J.-J., 2012. Water flow blocking process in permeable soils by injection f specific grouts. Proc. 6th Int. Conf. on Scour and Erosion (ICSE 6), Paris, pp. 1559-1566.
9 - Seif El Dine B., Dupla J.-C., Frank R., Canou J., Kazan Y., 2010. Mechanical characterization of matrix coarse-grained soils with a large size triaxial device. Can. Geot. J., vol.47 (4), 425-438.
10 - Karrech A., Duhamel D., Bonnet G., Roux J.-N., Chevoir F., Canou J., Dupla J.-C., 2008. A discrete element study of settlement in vibrated granular layers : role of contact loss and acceleration. Granular matter, vol.10 (5), 369-375.
11 - Karrech A., Duhamel D., Bonnet G., Roux J.-N., Chevoir F., Canou J., Dupla J.-C., SAb K., 2007. A computational procedure for the prediction of settlement in granular materials under cyclic loading. Computer methods in Applied Mechanics and Eng., vol.197 (1-4), 80-94.
12 - Maalej Y., Dormieux L., Canou J., Dupla J.-C., 2007. Strength of a granular medium reinforced by cement grouting. Comptes-Rendus Mécanique, vol. 335 (2), 87-92.
13 - Maghous S., Saada Z., Dormieux L., Canou J., Dupla J.-C., 2007. A model for in situ grouting with account for particle filtration. Computers and Geotechnics, vol.34 (3), 164-174.
14 - Saada Z., Canou J., Dormieux L., Dupla J.-C., 2006. Evaluation of elementary filtration properties of a cement grout injected in a sand. Can. Geot. J., vol.43 (12), 1273-1289.
15 - Saada Z., Canou J., Dormieux L., Dupla J.-C., Maghous S., 2005. Modelling of cement suspension flow in granular porous media. Int. J. for Num. and Analyt. Methods in Geomechanics, vol.29 (7), 691-711.
16 - Benhamed N., Canou J., Dupla J.-C., 2004. Initial structure and static liquefaction properties of a sand. Comptes-Rendus Mécanique, vol. 332 (11), 887-894.
17 - Dupla, J.-C., Canou, J., Gouvenot, D., 2004. An advanced experimental set-up for studying monodirectional grout injection process. Ground Improvement, vol. 7 (1), 1-9.
18 - De Gennaro V., Canou J., Dupla J.-C., Benahmed N., 2004. Influence of loading path on the undrained behaviour of a medium loose sand. Can. Geot. J., vol. 41 (1), 166-180.
19 - Dupla J.-C., Canou J. 2003. Cyclic pressuremeter loading and liquefaction properties of sands. Soils and Foundations, vol.43 (2), 17-31.

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