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Head of "Multiscale" team

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  • Curriculum
    • 2012 - ... Navier laboratory, "Multiscale" group, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, head of the group from January 2012
    • 2009 - 2011 Navier laboratory, "Imaging and Materials" group, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, head of the group in 2010 and 2011
    • 2006 - 2007 Group leader "Field measurements", Solid Mechanics Laboratory, École polytechnique
    • 2001 - 2006 Group leader "Micromechanics of materials", Solid Mechanics Laboratory, École polytechnique
    • 1997 - 2001, 2007 - 2008 Scientist at the Solid Mechanics Laboratory, Ecole polytechnique Research groups "Micromechanics of materials", "Field measurements", "Homogenization, heterogeneities, localization", "Mechanics and physics of geomaterials" and "Multiscale experimental investigations and modelling of materials".
    • 1997 : Post-doctoral position at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, "Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics" department, with P. Ponte Castañeda.
    • 1992 - 1996 : PhD, Solid Mechanics Laboratory, Ecole polytechnique, with A. Zaoui, (Manuscript)
    • 1992 Graduated from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees
    • 1990 Masters program "Mechanics and Materials"
    • 1989 Graduated from Ecole polytechnique (X86)
  • Research interests
    • Micromechanical modelling of materials
      • Scale transition models for the linear and nonlinear mechanical behaviour of materials.
    • Experimental micromechanics
      • Development and application of experimental tools for the micromechanical investigation of the behaviour of materials: thermo-hydro-mechanical testing combined with in situ multiscale observations by means of optical microscopy, (environmental) scanning electron microscopy and microtomography.
      • Experimental characterisation and modelling of microstructures, image processing.
      • Characterization of local mechanical states (strain/stress), identification of deformation and damage micromechanisms.
      • Multiscale strain field measurements, by means of 2D and 3D Digital Image Correlation techniques
      • Definition of experimental procedures (OM, SEM, µCT...), algorithmic and software developments (CMV et CMV3D codes), metrological characterisation and applications.
    • Applications :
      • Nuclear engineering materials (steels, Zr alloys, composites,...)
      • Multiphase metals (two-phase steels, hot deformation, model materials,... )
      • Rocks and soils (clayey rocks, granular media, reservoir rocks, halite...)
    • Main partners and recent projects :
      • ANR (Tomosolidal, Simuzal, Micromodex, MicroNaSel, Microstress...),
      • CEA, EdF, ANDRA, IFP Énergies nouvelles, Pgm Matériaux CNRS,...
      • GDR2519, Fédération Francilienne de Mécanique, Univ Blaise Pascal/LAMI, IMMPETUS Univ. Sheffield, Univ Stuttgart,...
  • Teaching
    • Part-time associate professor, Ecole polytechnique, department of mechanics(2005-...)
    • Part-time associate professor at ENSTA ParisTech, course "Modelling the mechanical behaviour of heterogeneous and composite materials" (2002-...)
    • Masters program “Materials for structures and energy” (MSE, Ecole polytechnique, course "Multiscale experimental investigations and modelling", 2005-2009), « Materials science for sustainable construction » (SMCD, Lafarge-X-ENPC teaching chair, course « Images and microscopies », 2006-...) and « Mechanics of Materials and Structures » (MMS, course "Multiscale modelling in continuum mechanics" , 2009-2010, course «Images and Mechanics», 2011)
    • Masters program "Mechanics and Materials" (Course "Heterogeneous elasticity" and "Mechanical behaviour of heterogenous materials", 1998-2004)
  • Students supervision (PhD and Post-docs)
    • Mohammed Hassan Khalili, IFSTTAR + Labex MMCD, co-supervision with J.N. Roux, S. Brisard, J.M. Pereira and M. Vandame: Micromechanical origins of creep in geomaterials: investigation by microtomography and discrete numerical simulations.
    • Francis Lavergne, IPEF, co-supervision with K. Sab, J. Sanahuja and C.Toulemonde (EdF): Methodologies for an efficient and mastered prediction of the long term behaviour of prestressed concrete by means of imaging and numerical simulation.
    • Marcelle Ibrahim, co-supervision with S. Caré, E. Castelier and H. Palanchier (CEA Cadarache) : Modelling the behaviour of He-irradiated UO2: interpretation X-ray micro-diffraction measurements.
    • Thanh Tung Nguyen, labex MMCD, co-supervision with J. Yvonnet: Dammage in cementitious materials at microstructural scale: characterisation by 3D imaging and numerical simulation.
    • Fatma Allouche, post-doc. labex MMCD, co-supervision with E. Leroy, ICMPE, S. Brisard and N. Lenoir : Methodologies and tools for the analysis of X-rays and electron tomography images; Application to nanostructured materials and geomaterials.
    • Ababacar Gaye, co-supervision with A. Dimanov and K. Sab, ANR Micronasel), en cours : Multiscale analysis of deformation mechanisms in halite by mean of surfacic and volumetric full-feld measurement techniques.
    • Louis Zinsmeister, co-supervision with A. Dimanov and J. Raphanel: Application of in situ local strain field measurements by means of 2D and 3D digital images correlation techniques to the micromechanical investigation of rock alteration by acid-fluid injection (coll. with IFP Énergies Nouvelles).
    • Jean-François Bruchon, co-supervision with M. Vandamme, J.M. Pereira and P. Delage : Hydro-mechanical couplings in granular media : investigation by means of micro-computed tomography.
    • Julien Boudet, supervision with F. Auslender : Nonlinear homogenisation in mechanics of materials : new upscaling tools for elasto-plastic composites.
    • Matthieu Bourcier, co-supervision with A. Dimanov and J. Raphanel, 2012 : Elasto-viscoplastic behaviour of polycristalline halite : experimental investigation of deformation by means of 2D and 3D full-field strain measurements and numerical polycrystalline simulations. Manuscript.
    • Linlin Wang, supervision with A. Pouya and B. Halphen, 2012: Experimental investigation and micromechanical modelling of deformation and damage of argillaceous rocks under combined hydric and mechanical loads (coll. with ANDRA).
    • Diansen Yang, post-doctoral fellow, 2008-2012 : Investigation of deformation and damage modes of argillaceous rocks under combined mechanical and moisture loading by means of multiscale full-field kinematic measurements (coll. with ANDRA).
    • Camille Chateau, supervision with J. Crépin and L. Gélébart, 2011: Multiscale investigation of a SiC/SiC composite material; Application to nuclear cladding (coll. with CEA). Manuscript.
    • Salmi Moncef, supervision with F. Auslender : Nonlinear homogenization of heterogeneous materials: apparent and effective behaviours. Manuscript.
    • Jérémie Dautriat, contribution (supervisor: J. Raphanel and A. Dimanov), 2009: Hydromechanical behaviour of reservoir rocks: relationship between the evolution of permeability and the scale of damage mechanisms (coll. with IFP). Manuscript.
    • Frédéric Valès, supervision with N. M. Duc, 2008: Deformation and damage modes of deep argillaceous rocks under hydromechanical solicitations (coll. wih ANDRA). Manuscript.
    • Céline Gérard, supervision with G. Cailletaud and B. Bacroix, 2008: Field measurements and identification of crystal plasticity models. Manuscript.
    • Yannick Pannier, post-doc, 2006-2008: Volumetric Digital Image Correlation; application to microtomography images of granular materials and semi-solid alloys. (ANR projects Tomosolidal and MicroModex)
    • Nicolas Rupin, 2007: Hot deformation of two-phase metals : theoretical models and experimental validations. Manuscript. (coll. with IMMPETUS)
    • Amna Rekik, 2006: A methodology for an accurate evaluation of linearization procedures in nonlinear homogenisation. Manuscript.
    • Aude Racine, 2005: Influence of the orientaiton of hydrites on the deformation, damage and failure modes of hydrated Zircaloy-4. Manuscript. (coll. with CEA)
    • Emmanuelle Chabert, post-doc, 2002-2003 : Modelling the nonlinear behaviour of nanocomposites.
    • Nicolas Bilger (dir. A. Zaoui), 2002: Micromechanical investigation of the effect of the presence of clusters of inclusions on the brittle-ductile transition of nuclear steels. Manuscript. (coll. with EdF)
    • Pascal Doumalin, (dir. A. Zaoui), 2000: Local microextensometry by digital image correlation techniques: application to micromechanical studies using the scanning electron microscopy. Manuscript.
    • My PhD: Microstructural morphology and mechanical behaviour; experimental characterizations, bounds and generalized self-consistent estimates Manuscript.
  • Publications
    • International journals:
      • 2013 :
        • Bruchon J.-F., Pereira J.-M., Vandamme M., Lenoir N., Delage P. and Bornert M. X-ray microtomography characterisation of the changes in statistical homogeneity of an unsaturated sand during imbibition Géotechnique letters, accepted
        • L. Wang, M. Bornert, S. Chanchole and E. Héripré Experimental investigation of the free swelling of crushed argillite, Géotechnique letters, accepted
        • L. L. Wang, M. Bornert, S. Chanchole, D. S. Yang, E. Héripré, A. Tanguy and D. Caldemaison, Micro-scale experimental investigation of the swelling anisotropy of the Callovo-Oxfordian argillaceous rock, Clay Minerals, 48(2), pp. 391-402
        • C. Badulescu, M. Bornert, J.-C. Dupré, S. Equis, M. Grédiac, J. Molimard, P. Picart, R. Rotinat and V. Valle Demodulation of spatial carrier images : performance analysis of several algorithms, Experimental Mechanics, in press
        • M. Bourcier, M. Bornert, A. Dimanov, E. Héripré and J. L. Raphanel Grain boundary sliding and crystal plasticity in halite, Journal of Geophysical Research, Solid Earth, 118, 1-16
        • G. Martin, D. Caldemaison, M. Bornert, C. Pinna, Y. Bréchet, M. Véron, J.D. Mithieux and T. Pardoen, Characterization of the high temperature strain partitioning in duplex steels, Experimental Mechanics, 53(2), 205-215,
      • 2012 :
        • D.S. Yang, M. Bornert, S. Chanchole, H. Gharbi, P. Valli and B. Gatmiri, Dependence of elastic properties of argillaceous rocks on moisture content investigated with optical full-field strain measurement techniques, International journal of rock mechanics and mining sciences, 53, pp. 45-55
        • A. Rekik, M. Bornert and F. Auslender, A critical evaluation of local field statistics predicted by various linearization schemes in nonlinear mean-field homogenization, Mechanics of Materials, 54, pp. 1-17
        • M. Salmi, F. Auslender, M. Bornert and M. Fogli, Various estimates of Representative Volume Element sizes based on a statistical analysis of the apparent behavior of random linear composites, Compte-Rendus Mecanique, 340(4-5), pp. 230-246
        • M. Salmi, F. Auslender, M. Bornert and M. Fogli, Apparent and effective mechanical properties of linear matrix-inclusion random composites : improved bounds for the effective behavior, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 49(10), pp. 1195-1211
      • 2011 :
        • D.S. Yang, M. Bornert, S. Chanchole, P. Valli and B. Gatmiri, Experimental investigation of the delayed behaviour of unsaturated argillaceous rocks by means of Digital Image Correlation techniques, Applied clay science, 54(1), pp. 53-62.
        • J. Vannod, M. Bornert, J.-E. Bidaux, L. Bataillard, A. Karimi, J.-M. Drezet, M. Rappaz and A. Hessler-Wyser, Fracture mechanics of nickel-titanium and stainless steel laser joined wires, Acta Materialia, 59(17), pp: 6538-6546
        • C. Chateau, L. Gélébart, M. Bornert, J. Crépin, E. Boller, C. Sauder and W. Ludwig, In-situ X-ray microtomography characterization of damage in SiCf/SiC minicomposites, Composites science and technology, 71(6), pp. 916-924
        • J. Dautriat, M. Bornert, N. Gland, A. Dimanov, J. Raphanel, Localized deformation induced by heterogeneities in porous carbonate analysed by multi-scale digital image correlation, Tectonophysics, 503(1-2), pp. 100-116
      • 2010 :
        • L. Gélébart, C. Chateau, M. Bornert, J. Crépin and E. Boller, X-Ray Tomographic Characterization of the Macroscopic Porosity of Chemical Vapor Infiltration SIC/SIC Composites : Effects on the Elastic Behavior International journal of applied ceramic technology, Vol. 7/3, pp. 348-360
        • M. Bornert, F. Vales, H. Gharbi and D. Nguyen Minh, Multiscale full-field strain measurements for micromechanical investigations of the hydromechanical behaviour of clayey rocks, Strain, Vol. 46/1, pp. 33-46.
        • S. Hall, M. Bornert, J. Desrues, Y. Pannier, N. Lenoir, C. Viggiani and P. Bésuelle, Discrete and continuum analysis of localised deformation in sand using X-ray micro CT and volumetric digital image correlation, Geotechnique, Vol. 60/5, pp. 315-322
      • 2009 :
        • C. Gérard, F. N’Guyen, N. Osipov, G. Cailletaud, M. Bornert and D. Caldemaison, Comparison of experimental results and finite element simulation of strain localization scheme under cyclic loading, Computational Material Science, Vol. 46/3, pp. 755-760
        • S. Terzi, L. Salvo, M. Suéry, N. Limodin, J. Adrien, E. Maire, Y. Pannier, M. Bornert, D. Bernard, M. Felberbaum, M. Rappaz and E. Boller, In situ X-ray tomography observation of inhomogeneous deformation in semi-solid aluminum alloys, Scripta Materialia, Vol. 61/5, pp. 449-452
        • M. Bornert, F. Brémand, P. Doumalin, J.-C. Dupré, M. Fazzini, M. Grédiac, F. Hild, S. Mistou, J. Molimard, J.-J. Orteu, L. Robert, Y. Surrel, P. Vacher and B. Wattrisse, Assessment of Digital Image Correlation measurement errors : methodology and results, Experimental Mechanics, Vol.49/3, pp. 353-370, HAL.
        • C. Gérard, B. Bacroix, M. Bornert, G. Cailletaud, J. Crepin and S. Leclercq, Hardening description for FCC materials under complex loading paths, Computational Material Science, Vol.45/3, pp. 751-755.
      • 2007 :
        • E. Héripré, M. Dexet, J. Crépin, L. Gélébart, A. Roos, M. Bornert and D. Caldemaison, Coupling between experimental measurements and polycrystal finite element calculations for micromechanical study of metallic materials, International Journal of Plasticity, Vol. 23/9, 2007, pp. 1512-1539.
        • A. Rekik, F. Auslender, M. Bornert and A. Zaoui, Objective evaluation of linearization procedures in nonlinear homogenization : A methodology and some implications on the accuracy of micromechanical schemes, International Journal of Solids and Structures, Vol. 44/10, 2007, pp. 3468-3496.
        • N. Lenoir, M. Bornert, J. Desrues, P. Bésuelle and G. Viggiani, Volumetric digital image correlation applied to X-Ray microtomography images form triaxial compression tests on argillaceaous rocks, Strain, 43, 2007, 193-205.
        • N. Bilger, F. Auslender, M. Bornert, H. Moulinec and A. Zaoui, Bounds and estimates for the effective yield surface of porous media with a uniform or a nonuniform distribution of voids, European Journal of Mechanics, Vol. 26 Nr 5, 2007, pp. 810-836.
      • Selection of earlier papers:
        • M. Bornert, J.M. Chaix, P. Doumalin, J.C. Dupré, T. Fournel, D. Jeulin, E. Maire, M. Moreaud et H. Moulinec, Mesure tridimensionnelle de champs cinématiques par imagerie volumique pour l’analyse des matériaux et des structures, Instrumentation, Mesure, Métrologie, Vol 4 n°3-4/2004, p. 43-88.
        • N. Bilger, F. Auslender, M. Bornert, J.-C. Michel, H. Moulinec, P. Suquet and A. Zaoui, Effect of a non uniform distribution of voids on the plastic response of voided materials : a computational and statistical analysis, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 42, 2005, p. 517-538.
        • E. Chabert, M. Bornert, E. Bourgeat-Lami, J.-Y. Cavaillé, R. Dendievel, C. Gauthier, J.-L. Putaux and A. Zaoui, Filler-filler interactions and viscoelastic behavior of polymer nanocomposites, Materials Science and Engineering, A 381, 2004, p 320-330.
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        • R. Masson, M. Bornert, P. Suquet and A. Zaoui. An affine formulation of the prediction of the effective properties of nonlinear composites and polycrystals, J. Mech. Phys. Solids 48, 2000, p. 1203–1227.
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    • Proceedings of international conferences (> 50) :
      • Selection :
        • J. Petit, M. Bornert, O. Castelnau, O. Robach, J.S. Micha, O. Ulrich, C. Le Bourlot, F. Hofmann, A.M. Korsunsky, DIC performances to evaluate stress field at the micron scale from X-ray Laue microdiffraction patterns, IUTAM conference on Full-field Measurements and Identification in Solid Mechanics, Cachan, July 2011
        • D.S. Yang, M. Bornert, H. Gharbi, P. Valli, and L.L. Wang, Optimized optical setup for DIC in rock mechanics, 14th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, Poitiers, 4-9 July 2010
        • Y. Pannier, N. Lenoir and M. Bornert, Discrete volumetric digital image correlation for the investigation of granular type media at microscale : accuracy assessment, 14th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, Poitiers, 4-9 July 2010
        • N. Rupin, M. Bornert, P. Gilormini, A. Zaoui and C. Pinna, Potential influence of microstructural morphology on the viscoplastic flow of two-phase polycrystals, in : Continuum models and discrete systems 11, 2008, D. Jeulin and S. Forest Eds, pp. 149-154, Les Presses Mines Paris ParisTech, France.
        • P. Bésuelle, G. Viggiani, N. Lenoir, J. Desrues, M. Bornert, X-ray micro CT for studying strain localization in clay rocks under triaxial compression, Advances in X-ray Tomography for Geomaterials J. Desrues, G. Viggiani and P. Bésuelle Eds Proceedings of GEOX 2006, October 4-7, Aussois & Grenoble, p. 35-52.
        • A. Racine, M. Bornert, C. Sainte-Catherine, C. Cappelaere and D. Caldemaison, Experimental investigation of strain, damage and failure of hydrided Zircaloy-4 with various hydrides orientations, 18th international conference on structural mechanics in reactor technology (SMIRT18), August 2005.
        • F. Auslender, M. Bornert, T. Hoc, R. Masson and A. Zaoui, An affine micromechanical approach for the prediction of the elastoplastic behavior of polycrystals at finite strains, Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on computational mechanics of solid materials at large strains, Miehe C. (Eds), Stuttgart 2001, Kluwer Academic Publishers, p. 301-310.
        • P. Doumalin, M. Bornert and E. Soppa, Computational and experimental investigations of the local strain field in elastoplastic two-phase materials. Proceedings of Euromat 2000, 7-9 novembre 2000, Advances in mechanical behaviour, plasticity and damage, Vol. 1, D. Miannay, P. Costa, D. François and A. Pineau Eds, Elsevier, pp. 323-328.
        • P. Doumalin and M. Bornert, Micromechanical applications of digital image correlation techniques. Proceedings of Interferometry in Speckle Light, Theory and Applications, 25-28 septembre 2000, Lausanne, P. Jacquot and J.M. Fournier Eds., Springer, p. 67-74.
        • M. Bornert, Morphological effects at the local scale in two-phase materials. A. Pineau and A. Zaoui, Eds, Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on Micromechanics of plasticity and damage of multiphase materials, Sèvres 1995, Kluwer Academic Publishers, p. 27–34.
        • M. Bornert. Morphologically representative pattern-based modelling in elasticity, K. Markov editor, Proceedings of Continuous Models and Discrete Systems - 8, Varna, World Scientific, 1995, p. 123–131.
    • Books
      • M. Bornert, T. Bretheau et P. Gilormini. Homogénéisation en mécanique des matériaux, Tome 1 : Matériaux aléatoires élastiques et milieux périodiques. 250 p., Hermès Science, traité MIM, série alliages métalliques, 2001. Available from Lavoisier.
      • M. Bornert, T. Bretheau et P. Gilormini. Homogénéisation en mécanique des matériaux, Tome 2 : Comportements non linéaires et problèmes ouverts. 250 p., Hermès Science, traité MIM, série alliages métalliques, 2001. Available from Lavoisier.
  • Other activities
    • Journal referree (Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, C. R. Académie des Sciences, Strain, Experimental Mechanics, Computational Materials Science, European Journal of Mechanics, International Journal of Solids and Structures,...), project referree, member of about 35 PhD committees.
    • Supervision of large collective investments in experimental devices: SEMs, microtomography,... in the framework of the Federation Francilienne de Mecanique.
    • Organization of CNRS summer schools on homogenization in mechanics of materials: MH2M98, HMPM03 (La Londe les Maures) and CE2M10 (Briançon)
    • I still have strong connections with the Solid Mechanics Laboratory at Ecole polytechnique. Phone : +33 1 69 33 57 47 / Fax : +33 1 69 33 57 06