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Abdoulaye FALL

Research Scientist (CNRS)
Soft matter physicist

Tel : (+33) 1 81 66 84 75

Office K223


Laboratoire Navier - 2 allée Kepler

77420 Champs sur Marne, France

I’m working on unsaturated granular materials and in particular on their rheological behavior. I seek to determine the mechanical behavior in the solid and flow regimes of granular material attached by a non-saturating liquid, which occurs through its viscosity and capillary effects. Such materials, intermediate between dry granular assemblies and highly concentrated suspensions, will be studied experimentally since the microstructure to macroscopic behavior.


Specialties : ➡ Expertise

‣ Granular materials

‣ Micellar solutions, Gels, Polymer

‣ Granular suspensions, Building materials (plaster, cement, concrete...)


‣ Rheology, Micro-rheology, Local Rheology by MRI

‣ Confocal imaging

‣ Drying of colloidal suspensions


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