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The team

Permanent researchers

Last name First name Phone Email Office Position
BENZARTI Karim 82.51 email C313 (Ifsttar) Researcher
BORNERT Michel 37.90 email V015 Head of team "multiscale"
BRISARD Sébastien 37.50 email P021 Researcher
BROCHARD Laurent 37.88 email V018 Researcher
CHATEAU Camille 36.62 email P021 Researcher
CUMUNEL Gwendal 37.80 email V019 Researcher
DE BUHAN Patrick 36.55 email P015 Researcher
DORMIEUX Luc 36.60 email P014 Researcher
GARNIER Denis 36.61 email P021 Researcher
HASSEN Ghazi 37.22 email P021 Researcher
KEITA Emmanuel 86.83 email C346 (Ifsttar) Researcher
LEGOLL Frédéric 37.81 email V014 Researcher
LEMARCHAND Eric 36.58 email P013 Researcher
VANDAMME Matthieu 37.04 email V013 Researcher
SAB Karam 37.49 email P022 Head of Navier laboratory
YIN Honoré 37.25 email V118 Researcher


Last name First name Phone Email Office
AIMEDIEU Patrick 35.51 email B013
PLESSIER Jean-Marc 36.57 email P009

Postdoctoral students

Last name First name Phone Email Office
BUI Nam Nghia email V011
HONORIO DE FARIA Tulio 36.59 email P009
RÉGAL Xavier email

PhD students

Last name First name Phone Email Office
ABDALLAH Youssouf 37.94 email B107
ADESSINA Ayodele email P016
AILI Abudushalamu email V011
BLUTHÉ Joffrey email P016
BONNET Marie 37.91 email V123
CARLIOZ Thomas email P016
CHEN Yang email
CHLELA Robert email C319 (Ifsttar)
DUCOULOMBIER Nicolas 37.36 email V114
EL SABBAGH Alexandre email
HOANG Tien 37.10 email V112
HOUANOH Karim email
HUANG Shun email
HUN Darith-Anthony email
JEBRANE Aissam 37.36 email V114
KERNER Laura 37.34 email V111
KHALILI Mohamed Hassan email P017
KODJO Jérôme email
LAVAZEC Déborah 37.34 email V111
LE Thi Xiu email B107
LE Vinh Hoang Tan 37.52 email P017
LEBIHAIN Mathias email
LIMAM Wassim email
MEZHOUD Sarra email
NGUYEN Dac Loi email P020
PHAM Anh Tu email P017
RAHOUI Hafsa email V011
ROTHÉ Pierre-Loik email V111bis
SOUGUIR Sabri email P009
TAZI Hamza email
TERRADE Benjamin 83.57 email F022 (Ifsttar)
TRAVAILLEUR Lucy 82.98 email B529 (Ifsttar)
VINCENT Hugues email P009
YANG Mingguan email

The full phone number in the above tables is +33 (0)1 64 15 3x xx (for extensions starting with 3) or +33(0)1 81 66 8x xx (for extensions starting with 8).