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Surname Name Phone Email Office Function
SULEM Jean 35.45 email B115 Head
CANOU Jean 35.46 email B116 Researcher
CORFDIR Alain 35.21 email B113 Researcher
CUI Yu-Jun 35.50 email B112 Researcher
DANGLA Patrick 36.00 email B119 Researcher
DELAGE Pierre 35.42 email B114 Researcher
DUPLA Jean-Claude 35.53 email B014 Researcher
FRANK Roger 35.41 email B110 Researcher
GHABEZLOO Siavash 37.85 email B118 Researcher
PEREIRA Jean-Michel 35.48 email B110 Researcher
POUYA Ahmad 35.66 email B108 Researcher
STEFANOU Ioannis 33.73 email V123 Researcher
TANG Anh-Minh 35.63 email B016 Researcher

PhD students

Surname Name Phone Email Office Function
ABDALLAH Youssouf 37.94 email B107 PhD student
AN Ni email B120a PhD student
ALAVOINE Axelle email B107 PhD student
BAHAFID Sara email B120a PhD student
BELMOKHTAR Malik 35.39 email B111 PhD student
BRAUN Philipp email B120b PhD student
COLLINS-CRAFT Nick email V117 PhD student
DARDE Benjamin email B107 PhD student
DE LA FUENTE Manuel PhD student
FEIA Sadeck email PhD student
FELLAG Rachid email PhD student
GUAYACAN CARRILLO Lina Maria email B111b PhD student
HABIB Hubert email B120b PhD student
KERNER Laura email V111 PhD student
LE  Thi Xiu  35.89 email B107 PhD student
MOLINERO GUERRA Agustin 35.56 email B111 PhD student
NGUYEN Van-Tri 35.35 email B120a PhD student
OURAGA Zady email PhD student
RATTEZ Hadrien 34.56 email B120b PhD student
SAMUDIO Marcos 35.49 email B120a PhD student
THAN Vinh Du email B111 PhD student
TRIVELLATO Edoardo email B111 PhD student
TROUPEL Hugo 34.56 email B120b PhD student
VO Thi-Dong email B111 PhD student
WANG Yejiao email B120a PhD student


Surname Name Phone Email Office Function
FEIA Sadok 35.31 email Post-doc
MUHAMMED Rawaz email B111b Post-doc
ELANDALOUSSI Radja 35.31 email B104 Post-doc

All phone numbers start with +33 1 64 15 xx xx (the last four numbers are given in the table above).